Will Social Media help your business grow ?

Today, those who advise companies on how to increase their business focus on the need to have a “Social Media” presence.  To these experts, if you don’t have accounts on all of these sites, your business is doomed.  Is there real merit to these claims ?  Will Social Media help your business grow ?  Maybe.  Of course, its possible that it will make absolutely no difference.

Here are some things to consider when evaluating your Social Media presence:

  • What social media sites do your clients visit ?  This is important to know.  A cardinal rule of any advertising is to place your information in front of your potential clients. 
  • What do your clients expect on the social media sites ?  Many people really don’t like to see advertising on Facebook, or Twitter.  If your clients use these sites to visit with friends and relatives, they might not like your intrusion with ad content.
  • Can you write interesting material ?  Some people are very good at writing while others find “its not their thing.”  Will people have a reason to read what you write ?  With most social media sites, people skim the posts and only read what interests them.
  • Can you post relevant content ?  What you post will set the tone for how people think of you.  If you are angry, political, religious, or opinionated, people may find your “presence” uncomfortable.  You represent your business, so you could be driving people away.  If you can post lighthearted material, or helpful hints, this can build a positive image for your company.
  • Will you be persistent ?  You must post regularly … some people say almost daily, to make a difference.  If you only write once in awhile, you will likely not be noticed.
  • Will you study how to write blogs ?  There is important information you need to know, like how to use SEO keywords.  You can find ample information to study, but you will need to take the time to do it.  Will you ?  Don’t proceed unless you are absolutely sure you will be consistent.

Finally, you will be bombarded by people who would love to sell you their services.  They will write your content for you. Be cautious.  Canned material is often disliked.  Because  posts are a reflection of you, and your business, they should be your material.  Will Social Media help your business grow ?  Perhaps.  Come back to see our ideas in the future on how to make this a reality.