The MasterLink Story

MasterLink Software began operations in Southern California in the spring of 1982 as a database programming company using the CP/M operating system.  Our first contracts were to provide personalized programs for investors to track their financial holdings.  Shortly thereafter, professionals in the automotive repair industry contacted the founder and discussed creating a software package for use in shops throughout Southern California.  With their guidance, Auto Shop Writer was developed, and soon it found a home in shops throughout the United States and Canada.

MasterLink works on the principle that software should “work just like the company runs their business” and so the focus is always on obtaining user input, and applying it to the latest software trechnologies.

Over the years, MasterLink has continued to create new capabilities to serve the service industry,  providing a solution for any company that sells both parts and labor.  Our systems are fully integrated with our own accounting software, and have extensive feature sets all within the one package a client will use on their computer.  We were the first company in this industry to provide PC based networking services in a DOS environment, the first to include accounting, client follow up, and full inventory control.  We pioneered the code system to use detailed service descriptions for each task, and introduced an invoice that was simple for customers to read and understand.  Often we would introduce new capabilities “before their time”, and then management of the businesses using our product would guide us in fine tuning those capabilities to best meet the needs of each business.

Our software allows great flexibility, and does a lot of “decision making”, which leads to smart input.  Data is stored efficiently, and people often comment on the speed being faster than most windows products they have seen.

MasterLink Software has also contributed software solutions to non-profit groups to handle a wide variety of tasks.  We’ve allowed our clients to Master the databases they maintain, with fast paced solutions.  Those custom programming solutions have all been supplied without charge, or obligation.  We’ve also been an active sponsor over the years of youth sports programs, camp scholarships, and the fight against cancer.

Today, MasterLink Software provides traditional solutions within the Windows environment, and is pioneering new, economical, solutions for the upcoming Windows 8 client interfaces.  We love pioneering new technologies, while maintaining the power of traditional platforms.  Our programmers are a diverse group of people with creative ideas, and a focus on stable results.

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