You are purchasing a license to use the software and any associated materials. The value of software is in the code used to direct the computers you install it upon, and not the media ( CD or Internet ) used to convey the programs. Software is known as intellectual property and the code, its design, its user interface, and its methodologies are owned by MasterLink Software who grants you a license to use it. Software publishers do not provide a warranty on the software because we do not control the computers on which it is installed, other software that may be installed that could damage the operating environment, the operators knowledge, the accuracy of the data entered, or any of thousands of factors that could cause the software to not function as designed. MasterLink Software will evaluate any written ( email ) concerns about the software, and offer regular updates with new enhancements and corrections to any problems, either due to design, or even user errors that are not trapped.

Support policies

MasterLink Software will provide support services for two quarters following the licensing of any product. Thereafter users will be required to pay for support services.

Our support is very personalized and specific. We must know the nature of the problem to assist. Our Windows based products actually have email capability that will generate a message to tech support, and include the error file from the last incident. It is important to use this when a problem occurs, and to include a brief statement about what you were doing, and what resulted. Our DOS clients will need to generate an email, and attach the error.log file in their servers primary program directory.

We respond to emails at the earliest opportunity which could be within a few minutes. Emails are the best means of support because they allow you to have a written response which can be easily followed. In addition, every email is tracked. Telephone support is more difficult for our clients because they are not always in a distraction free environment.

We also will provide support via an on-line connection. We prefer a high speed internet connection using Log Me In Rescue. We can go online and fix your problems very quickly, and we can also transfer files.

What support is not …

Support is not training or data entry. We provide extensive documentation and our MLS Service Writer 2012 documentation is fully integrated. From any window in the program you can press an F1 key and have the manual reference page displayed. We provide an on-line manual which is present on each workstation, and we provide files that can be read on your monitor ( PDF format ), and a file that can be printed ( Word .doc file ).

We do not support hardware. We are a software publisher and do not sell, or support, any hardware or peripheral components. We also do not provide training, or support, in basic Windows operations. We strongly encourage our clients to obtain, and read, one of the basic Windows operation books. These are inexpensive, well illustrated, and only focus on what every user of a computer should understand.

We do not provide FREE support. MasterLink Software is a business and has expenses just like your company. If you are an automotive repair center, you must charge for every vehicle you service. We must do the same because we have our staff, contractors, and suppliers to pay for the work and services they provide.

Purchase & Rental Policy


We provide an online option to order products and simplify the payment process. We process each order individually and will install it after confirmation of payment. We expect a buyer to review the videos, online documentation, have discussions with current users, and perform due dilligence in investigating this purchase. Once software is installed, it cannot be permanently removed, therefore All sales are final. We do not accept returns, nor do we provide refunds, after a sale !


Rentals are for an unlimited term and may be cancelled at any time.  There is a one time installation fee, and a monthly rental charge.  If payment is not received within 10 days of its due date, it will shut off.  The rate is guaranteed and will not increase if you maintain continual payments.  Rental software has all of the same privileges as a license, and includes support services and updates.  Fees for optional 3rd party software cannot be included in a rental agreement.

Shipping and Delivery

MasterLink Software products are installed on your computer, via the internet,  by our technicians using LogMeIn remote services.  The software will be installed on each computer in your system as part of the original purchase price.  During the installation, full executable installation files will be placed in a subdirectory on your primary ( database ) computer and can be used for re-installs and installations on additional computers.  These files are updated automatically as part of the auto update process.

MasterLink Software can provide a CD installable disk upon request, at the time of purchase.  Send a request by email to Sales@MasterLinkSoftware.com.  CD’s are not stocked, and cannot be provided for older versions of the software.


MasterLink Software wants to protect your privacy.  We do not access your system, or collect any of your data.  We do not sell information about our clients.  When we add new integration to a 3rd party service requested by our clients, we may provide a list of potentially interested customers to the vendor.

MasterLink products do have auto updating capability.  Our client’s computer has full control of this service.  No information is ever uploaded to our servers.  Instead, all information and updates are downloaded from the MasterLink servers, and the local system.  Some 3rd party services require the customer to submit formatted data.  MasterLink clients will elect to submit that data within their systems, and without performing that setup, no data can be transferred.

Credit Card Processing

MasterLink Software processes credit cards through the Chase Bank payment gateway.  We do not obtain, or retain, any credit card data.  All data provided during a transaction on this website is provided directly to Chase Bank.  This process meets full PCI requirements.

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