What is a Management System ?

A “Management System” is a set of computers running programs that help you track all of the record keeping necessary to perform your work.  For years you may have done this with handwritten tickets, filing cabinets, and shoeboxes for receipts.  Now we condense all of that onto electronic storage, consisting of a computer, and perhaps other devices that connect to the central unit to share the information.

We call this a system, and it includes the computers you use, our management system software, and perhaps other software programs that will enhance your business.  Each component has an important role, and we specialize in making them all work together.  The Shop Management system is heavily “integrated”.  This means you enter information once, and it applies everywhere that is appropriate.

MLS Service Writer is one of the family of products developed by MasterLink Software.  Founded in 1982, our company has always focused on blending the latest computer technologies, strong communications with our clients, and  personalized service, “just like in the old days when grampa ran the business.”  We have long term relationships with our clients, and we want you to enjoy the same experience.

We want to make it possible for anyone to use the solution that bests fits their needs.  The MLS Service Writer system has several configurations, and you may either purchase a license, or rent  the software month to month ( with no long term contracts ).  Start small, or with the full system, and you will enjoy a system that “just keeps on running”, and improves with age.

MLS Service Writer is written using the latest Windows based programming tools, and our designs are derived 100% from customer input.  Our systems run on all Windows technologies from XP through the coming Windows 8 systems.  SW can be used on a single machine, peer to peer network, true Client Server system, and VPN.  Run SW on your desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, and even Windows Slate computers.

Our systems offer:

  • Comprehensive workorder development with parts, labor, recommendations, estimating, revisions, job costing, job tracking, automated input, and full service history.
  • Powerful inventory control including full purchase ordering, stock input, pricing utilities, sales histories, and extensive reporting options.
  • Client and Job tracking, with diverse followup
  • Appointment scheduling and quick quote system
  • Fully integrated accounting system and Quick Books real time interface
  • Focused documentation for all systems
  • Single, or multi-user ( client server ) capabilities with remote access
  • Ongoing automatic updating, remote support service

Feel free to email Sales@MasterLinkSoftware.com for a personal ( non-scripted ) response to your specific questions, or call (949) 589-3186.


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