Product Support

We are here to help, and the key to doing it is communication.  We provide you with many forms of documentation, ways to keep on top of the latest developments, and systems to track all the questions we are asked ( and have answered ).  Included in our services are these.


MasterLink Software products use an automated system to keep your software current.  Your system will check daily and install any updates that contain new options, refinements, and fixes.  You will also be notified when important bulletins are issued that notify you about feature enhancements or special business issues


It may seem strange to put emails in here, but they are critical to our ability to help you.  We want you to ask your questions, share your ideas, and even ask for pointers through our email system.  When you take the time to write out a question, you can be sure we will quickly reply with a personal response, not a scripted message that misses the target! Email your questions for a quick, detailed response.


Our comprehensive manual is accessed from within your program using the Manual menu item,  or by pressing the F1 key from any screen in which you are working.  That key opens the manual to the page which matches the screen.


We provide training videos on many subjects.  Each one is 3 to 6 minutes long so you will master new skills quickly.  Videos are available online.

News & Bulletins

When you get a notice upon startup of the MLS Shop Writer that you have a new bulletin, go to the Help menu, and select News & Bulletins.  This is always important information about a new release, or tasks you need to perform as part of an update.


The Community ( forum ) gives you an opportunity to communicate with other MLS Service Writer clients, share your needs and ideas, ask questions, and even discuss general business issues.  MLS will monitor and assist when proper.

On Line Connected Support

MasterLink Software can connect directly to your computer to assist whenever a need arises.  We can do installations remotely, repair database problems, answer questions, and demonstrate how to perform tasks.
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