The following are the features included in the various configurations of the MLS Service Writer and Auto Shop Writer.  Which features are included depends on the configuration you select when purchasing, or renting, a license to use the products.  While all features are available, some may not be included in the configuration  you select.





Windows 8 Professional

Windows 7 2000 / XP Professional / Vista Business or Ultimate

Windows Tablet ( Touch ) capable

Windows Peer To Peer ( * = OK for light use )

Windows Client Server capable ( with optional Advantage Database Server )

Remote site workstaion connection via internet ( With ADS )

Support via email

Support via chat & online connection

Telephone support with actual technician

License Option: Rental

License type: Purchase


Integrated credit card processing

Track service vehicle/job and client

Decode VIN number ( CARFAX ) or Make/Model/Submodel listing

View CARFAX service history in workorder, vehicle or appointment screens

Purchase Order # support

Odometer/meterr In and Out

Alternate Billing accounts


Recommendation History

Preventative Maintenance Scheduler w/ automatic tracking

Full browse parts entry

Full browse labor entry

Add stocking parts from inventory

Remember non-stocking parts for fast re-entry and sales history

Cross reference of parts

Automatic part substitution

Alternate part reference

Post to purchase orders from workorder

Parts picklists ( 50 items per code )

Labor Glossary Codes ( unlimited lines
per code )

Comprehensive labor detail

Save new labor entries to glossary from

Labor time history

Kits ( Parts and Labor with a single
code )

Detailed service recommendations on workorders

Estimate revision logs contact time and

Deposits on workorders

Automatic totals

Support for multiple sales tax rates

Payment posting per workorder

Print to screen, file, or printer, or Email PDF

Print directly to fax modem

Print technician’s worksheet

Instant job costing summary on screen, with graph

Automatic parts ordering via the Internet

Email communications direct to clients

Convert appointment to invoice ( adds vehicle, client, parts, and labor, notes)

Email Estimates / Invoices direct to

Workorder activity auditing with report ( financial )



Full parts editor

Browser displays full parts detail on
screen while navigating list

Track stocking levels

Cross reference parts

Full sales totals

Core tracking

Automatic attached parts for individual
items (using picklists)

Vendor tracking

Automatic superceeded by substitution

Full 5 levels of pricing

Price tables for automatic recalculating

Comprehensive purchase order system

Full stock input to inventory, workorders

Core processing

Automatic price recalculation

Complete report of inventory activity

Inventory sales report

Inventory below minimum report

Filtered reports

Shelf labels

Parts by location

Price Catalog with Conversion utilities
for parts vendors

Stocking and Non-Stocking parts in one
file for better tracking

Vendor change utility

Stock balancing

Current Month / Year-to-date tracking

Current year’s tracking of all monthly

Markup tables

Stock deletion utility

Change location utility

Lost sales tracking

Email PO’s to vendor

Tracking of all sales by indivudal months

Full sales history of non-stocking parts



Edit client data

Edit vehicle data

Automated email interface for client

Customer follow up options:

– Formal letters

– Postcards

– Listing for office use

– Labels

– Selected by vehicle data ( mileage,
date of service, type, etc. )

– Selected by customer information

– Selected by previous recommendations

– Selected by previous service codes

– Selected using preventative maintenance
scheduler projections

Client and Vehicle listings

Automatic follow up email system:  Thankyou, 30,60,90,120 day reminders

Letter text editor

Connects to external Microsoft Word

Post card text editor

Vehicle license change utility

Client and vehicle deletion utility

Service rendered by Client summary report

Service rendered per Vehicle summary report




Parts pick list – up to 50 items per

Labor glossary – up to 30 description
lines per code

Labor glossary – unlimited description
lines per code

Kits – Blends up to 6 pick lists with
up to 6 labor codes


REPORTS ( see Accounting for additional reports )

Daily income totals

Daily drawer report

Parts utilized summary

Labor rendered summary – itemized for
each technician w/ profitability

Job costing summary

Completed work listing

Summary by service writer

Summary by service code

Summary by recomendations

Summary of sublets

Summary by client category codes

Workorder Journal

Listing of active workorders

Listing of completed workorders

Full range of graphs with user reformatting

Individual Vehicle service cost history

Summary of services by department

Date specific, and date range, service listing for client calls

Summary of revisions by staff members

Service writer average

Specific part number sales history for given dates

Sales tax summary

Credit card processing summary

Individual workorder audit report

Complete inventory listing

Sales report from inventory

Parts stocked below minimum list

Inventory report filtered by your criterion

Part shelf labels

Parts by location listing

Catalog of stocking parts

List of parts on order

Quick total of parts filtered by your criterion

Lost sales report

Outstanding core listing

Core to return to vendor listing

Parts exceeding specified number of days past purchase

Client / Vehicle lists

Summaries of service totals by clients (various)

Glossary reports for parts, labor, kits

All reports can be viewed, printed, emailed or faxed

Many reports can be created in an Excel worksheet

Many reports have user selected dates and filtering

New reports are constantly being added with user requests



Service History: Parts and Labor w/ full detail “drill down”


Speedy Quotation System for verbal estimates

Appointment Scheduler tied to instant invoice creation ( vehicle, client, parts, labor added from appointments with 1 keystroke ) including verbal quote system, repetitive appointments, full featured / multiple task, parallel appointments and full printout capability.

Telephone book

On-line Notebook

Save digital pictures and link to vehicle, client, workorder, part, vendor and employee – 1 to many, many to 1

Graphics saved with Notebook

External programs interface – CD Catalogs,
Labor Guides, etc.

Shop wide messaging system between devices / employees



E-Mail to Clients, Vendors, and Employees

E-Mail all printed output to any address

Google maps for clients and vendors

Automatic FTP Registration / Updating
of the system



File Editor

User data entry repair utilities

Internal Backup of ASW 9 files

Automatic updating to keep your system current

 Automatic data submission to add in services

Interfaces and Accounting

Integrated Charge It Pro or Acquirint Credit Card Processing

Workorders and clients Integrated to Quick Books

Integrated CARFAX VIN decoder, license to VIN, and service histories

Interface to CustomerLink

Interface to Mechanic Net

Interface to Real Time Labor Guide

Integrated to Royalty Rewards


The Accounting Integration provides the following:



Full client editing

Charges / Payments / Balances

Current charges hot key from workorder

30 / 60 / 90 day account aging

Multiple billing cycles

Account Notes

Open item accounting

Posting of charges and payments on same

Automatic workorder posting

Detailed statements

Overdue account processing

Reports: Account listing,
balances due, individual account history, transactions, past due summary, write offs, monthly totals





Edit vendor data

Charge / Payment totals

Current activity summary

30 / 60 /90 day aging

Multiple payment cycles

Fully integrated to ASW

Spread charges in G/L while processing
a charge

Write single checks

Open item accounting

Batch check processing

Period worksheets

Past due account processing

Reports: Vendor listing,
individual summary, listing of balances, transactions, past due accounts, worksheets, cash paid out, monthly totals, 1099 detail, 1099 Misc.






Current totals


Previous year totals

Ledger posting

Transaction editor

Multiple closing of a period

Balance analysis

Reports: Chart of Accounts,
summary, trial balance, transactions, profit/loss, balance sheet,
account auditor, profitability formulas

Repair utilities






Full employee data

Employee classifications

Pay weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly

Pay by flat rate, hourly, commission,
salary, draw, or combo

Sick pay

Vacation pay


Individualized deductions ( unlimited )

Calculates federal taxes

Calculates state taxes

Tax table editor

Time clock

Reports: Employee listing, individual
summary, period summary, quarterly totals, year to date summary, deduction
summary, tax summary, print W-2 and Form 941

Automatic time tracking posted directly from workorders to payroll with full audit capability





Multiple accounts

Check writer – manual or printed

Deposits / Charges

Account reconciliation


Check editor

Check void processing

Reprint checks

Outstanding checks

Check printing – multiple styles

Bank charge / interest posting

Check history file

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